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Connecting The Veteran Community to Veteran Friendly Employers

Wecome Veteran Friendly Employers

At Scuttlebutt Services we differentiate ourselves from other recruiting, staffing, and staff augmentation firms.  We do this in a number of ways.  Please see below for some of those ways.

Veteran Diversity

Many companies have a diversity initiative, but haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate US Veterans. Scuttlebutt welcomes the opportunity to help your business fold Veterans into the mix.

Long Term Relationships

At Scuttlebutt Services, we are working to develop long term relationships with veterans and veteran friendly companies. Once your first project is coming to an end, we will be actively working to find your next one.

Tax Advantages

Did you know the Federal Government gives tax credits to companies who hire unemployed veterans? That’s right, up to $9,600. Click here to learn more about the WOTC tax credit.

Recognition as a Veteran Friendly Business

It is a great distinction to be recognized as a veteran friendly business. Click Here to here more about this benefit and to learn more about being recognized as a veteran friendly business.