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Connecting The Veteran Community to Veteran Friendly Employers

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Scuttlebutt Services

Scuttlebutt Services, LLC is a veteran owned and operated recruiting agency headquartered in Houston, TX. We are dedicated to supporting US Veterans and their families. This is accomplished by connecting veteran friendly employers with talented veteran candidates. In doing so, we use a range of veteran candidates from those with tenure in the corporate sector to veterans recently transitioning to the civilian workforce.

National studies consistently prove that companies who hire veterans classify them as some of the hardest working and dedicated personnel within the organization.

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Benefits of Hiring Veterans

There are a large number of benefits to hiring veterans to work in your business.  A few of the best ones are listed below:

Dedicated, Loyal Employees

Team work, dedication, hard work, loyalty and sacrifice.  These are some of the common traits instilled in our veterans.  They and their familes live by these everyday. Companies who hire veterans benefit from these values.

Tax Advantages

Did you know the Federal Government gives tax credits to companies who hire unemployed veterans? That’s right, up to $9,600. Click here to learn more about the WOTC tax Credi

Recognition as a Veteran Friendly Business

It is a great distinction to be recognized as a veteran friendly business. Click Here to here more about this benefit and to learn more about being recognized as a veteran friendly business.

Bringing Veterans and Employers Together

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